Tuesday, April 12, 2011


A crush on India has been sneaking up on me. There's a stunning National Geographic documentary on Netflix instant streaming, if you want to join me in the lusciousness.

I think it's because of their sexuality. I think it is healing for me. Caste system aside, there are a lot of positives in the way they adorn women - bangles, shine everywhere, the celebration of curves, exotic exuberant patterns, love of the belly... The women are inherently stunning. I mean, they don't walk out the door without a diamond in the middle of their forehead.

I don't want to hide my luscious femininity. Despite the existence of abuse, rape, all kinds of dysfunction - sexuality is still, fundamentally, a good thing, and should be celebrated. Yeah, the mystery of it is important (Indians love their veils), but don't banish it so much that it becomes negative.

I like that there are positive images of female gods in Hinduism. It is good to be a woman. It is good to find both heaven and earth in the way we are made, and in love. I am finding God in India and her colors and light.