Friday, April 15, 2011

two small miracles

I was wrapping up my short stint of free counseling at Belmont yesterday. We were doing a "safe place visualization" exercise, which begins with placing all worries, concerns, and burdens in a metaphorical basket to the side in your mind.

"Why were you smiling in the beginning?" Leslie asked me when we finished.

Because I had nothing to put in the basket.

Ladies and gents, that was an almost-decade victory.

p.s. While wearing my new shades & walking to Walgreens yesterday, I got honked at three times. Three. That's never happened before, except when I was a teenager in Mexico.

My inner critic: "It's because shallow easy girls wear huge sunglasses and guys know it even from 50 feet away." (I know. She's a bitch, isn't she?) My inner scientist: "Huh, it's been spring for a month, so guys are in full sexual swing." No pun intended. My inner woman: "It's because I was walking confident cause I love my sunglasses." My inner girl: "YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!"