Sunday, April 3, 2011

sneaky mama!

My mom came up with a very good idea to have an "Exercise Challenge Club" for my siblings & her. We have to exercise 16 times a month for 30 minutes per time (20 for my pregnant sister) and then at the end we get a $35ish treat, funded by her & my dad and "gifted" by a different person every month (who also e-mails everybody BUT the person so that everybody gets to get excited about what the person is getting). My mom is so good at this kind of thing, and always has been - a) keeping the family connected, b) making something "yucky" feel fun or like a game, c) planning and structuring things so that they can actually be followed through on.

3 months recently completed, and most of us have met our goal every month. There is always a big last-minute, 7 days in a row kinda push. :-)

This month was extra fun because unbeknownst to me, while they were visiting and we were out shopping, my mom had my sisters sneak back to a jewelry boutique we were at in downtown Franklin to buy a necklace that had really stood out to me but that I had been too perfectionistic/hard on myself to take the risk on. I LOVE IT! It's curly and has wooden and gold and green beads. It's unique. It's wavy and fun. I will wear it a LOT this summer.

Also, I realized from my complaining in that sick-Eden post... It's time to push myself to the next level with makeup and hair and wardrobe again. The spring energy is here and I can ride that wave towards feeling better about myself in concrete ways, like taking the extra time to put some eyeshadow and thicker liner on, blow-drying my hair, throwing on a new Forever 21 dress. I swear, *never fails,* when I am feeling jealous pissiness about someone, I can completely eliminate the feeling by incorporating whatever it is I'm jealous of into my life - got that tip from Martha Beck. (For instance, Mat Kearney's styled wife - I just needed the little extra makeup and shine stuff in my hair! Or all the actresses I feel pangs from while watching in movies - taking an acting class WORKS.)

p.s. My nails have stayed longish and painted for nearly two weeks. This is a FEAT. The last time this happened was at least 3 years ago.