Monday, May 30, 2011

I just can't think of what to title this.

Cleaning out my basement on Saturday, I came across this gem (which is now in the garbage can in the alley). I had all these parts underlined about "supporting your man" and sticking with marriage come hell or high water. Anything becoming an absolute rule is so, so dangerous.

"Fundamentalism laments the absence of the time when everything was as it should be. Family values, perfect morality, and pure faith existed without the chagrin of question, critique, or the horror of such notorious practices as alternative lifestyles or morality.

Such perfection, of course, never existed. Fundamentalism is based on faulty and fear-filled perception. It constructs a fake absence, the absence of something that never existed in the first place. It then uses this fake absence to demand a future constructed on a false ideal.

It pretends to have found an absolute access point to the inner mind of mystery. But such certainty cannot sustain itself in real conversation that is critical or questioning.

Fundamentalism does not converse or explore. It presents truth. This false certainty can only endure through believing that everyone else is wrong. It is not surprising that such fundamentalism desires power in order to implement its vision and force others to do as prescribed.

Fundamentalismm is dangerous and destructive. There is neither acceptance nor generosity in its differences with the world. It presumes that it knows the truth that everyone should follow.

There is often an over-cozy alliance between it and official religion. Blind loyalty replaces belonging. Then the creative and mystical individuals within an institution become caricatured as the enemy; they become marginalized or driven out." (John O'Donohue)