Monday, May 2, 2011

your body is a temple

I know it's a repeating theme, but I think it's one that women just can never process enough, so I'll say: self-care is SO GLORIOUS. I've been going from grace to grace with it. I've had longer, painted fingernails for a month now. I have almost a Sunday ritual in which I replace the color for the new week ahead, like they change the colors in many churches as the liturgical seasons revolve. Right now it is a shimmery mermaid green because I spent the week in Florida with Gideon and my family, which was a magical, bonding time. I spent probably an hour between security in Nashville and touchdown in Tampa filing my nails down with a rose-print emery board, gradually, happily. I was in the zone.

And I love washing my face with salicylic acid every night. Taking more showers than I used to. Budgeting to dye my own hair once a month. And I loved swashing my mouth with red lipstick this morning, just because it worked perfectly with my red shoes and my polka-dot navy shirt, and because it was my last day of college for the semester, and I was feeling celebratory.