Thursday, June 2, 2011

can't handle the goodness!

Wide open spaces appreciated so far this week: running in a big green field with my kids, out in the country, on Sunday night (Ella called it "the big space, with so much grilling!"). The wide open arms of the friends at that grillout who welcomed and delighted in my kids.

The wide open space of staying up extra late one night (2am) because it was the last week of school and I could afford to be lax with myself. There's something so freeing about that time of night - no deadlines, no interruptions, no calls or texts, the whole night ahead of you and sleep to be chosen when you're good and ready for it.

I have so many good things coming up in the next two months of my life. Just in the next few days: going to the most joyful, loud Irish family pub on Friday with Nate and the kids, canoe floating with great friends on Saturday, getting to be a Lady Dude by going to Xmen with the bachelor pad men that night, drinking with my friends on my birthday Tuesday.

Going to Wisconsin, holding my fresh new nephew Ian, spending bonding time with my grown up sisters now that none of my kids are babies, hanging with two great girlfriends at my parents' cabin, bonding with my kids even more by going to family camp with them and my folks.

I was journaling at the airport on the way to Spain about all my residual assocations that need breaking (love=hurts, babies=hurts, marriage=hurts, trusting others=hurts, dreaming=hurts, hope=hurts) and then realized John Lennon was singing, "Don't need to be afraid, the monster's gone now - every thing, in every way, is getting better."