Tuesday, June 7, 2011

to keep the borders of choice porous

I'm 30 today. Ella keeps singing to me, "Happy birthday to you, you're not 102, you're ooooonnnlly 30, Happy Birthday to You!" Somehow she knows this is a big one. I'm hanging out at home with the kids, hemming a dress, receiving multitudes of birthday joys on Facebook and calls from my lovies, and I put together an outfit including an antique Victorian top I bought for $5 five years ago in a small Wisconsin town near where I used to live. Just found it again while I was going through some stuff and realized it fits perfectly.

"When beneath the frame of your chosen path, the garden of your unchosen lives has enough space to breathe, your life enjoys a vitality and a sense of creative tension. Rilke refers to this as 'the repository of unlived things.'

You have not avoided the call of commitment; yet you hold your loyalty to your chosen path in such a way as to be true to the blessings and dangers of life's passionate sacramentality.

If we opt for complacency, we exclude ourselves from the adventure of being human. Where all danger is neutralized, nothing can ever grow. To keep the borders of choice porous demands critical vigilance and affective hospitality. To live in such a way invites risk and engages complexity. Life cannot be neatly compartmentalized."

And on that note, I am off to get a delicate tattoo on the curve of my left foot...