Saturday, July 23, 2011

just happy

The kids are home. It was a happy, peaceful day. I had "I love being a mom" feelings most of the afternoon and evening. We are really healing ever more rapidly these days, I feel like...

And here's a quote I read tonight, that feels very good after the emotional storms I've been feeling the last two weeks (especially last night after watching Warrior's Way). "Forgiveness arises from our Essential nature and comes from a deeper understanding of the truth of our situation. It entails recognizing what is happening in ourselves and others at a deeper level than we have previously seen. It requires that we fully experience the depth of our resentment, hatred, and vindictiveness and our desire for revenge - without acting out these impulses."

I'm good at the 'seeing the good in the other' part. I'm not a hater by nature. I'm so empathic I forget what I'm feeling because I enter into the other person's reality so much, or at least imagine that I am. So getting angry is the hardest part for me. I don't like hurting people, even people who have hurt me. I know that they feel pain themselves, on at least some subconscious level, when they are hurting me. "Love covers over a multitude of evils" and that really is what feels most satisfying in the end.

But you have to feel the evil part, too, to heal, and before/as you are covering things with love. You have to have violent dreams and stumble across helpful, violent movies. It's just how the psyche processes and moves forward.