Monday, July 11, 2011

okay folks

I am a real person. Here's what I'm learning about the internet: it feels extremely private and safe to each one of us, because we're just sitting here alone in our house with our computer. We can't be faulted for feeling that way - you or me.

I can read what you are saying as much as you can read what I'm saying. That's you, metafilterers.

I'm sorry I was too emotional on here. This is a very confusing experience. I don't know what the right thing to do is. Nobody else seems to know, either.

Know what I mostly felt when I saw the NYT article? Like I'm ugly, and have bad posture, and need to lose weight, and wouldn't feel any of those things if I wouldn't still be processing all of this stuff.

I am not promoting a book, my former husband was. That article was not a fun experience. This is a sad story and I wish it hadn't happened. I should have said no to the interview, but I thought it might help someone. And it's exciting when the New York Times calls you, no matter who you are. You'd feel the same way.