Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Oh my garshness. Oh my garsh. I just need to celebrate on here.

--My house is continually beautiful and mostly clean.

--I continue to paint and freshen like crazy.

--I am sitting down and doing homework with Gideon every night.

--I am clearing out the crapload of papers from each kids' take-home folder every night.

--I am staying on top of laundry.

--I am massaging each of them for 5 minutes before bed.

--I am reading a bedtime story to the girls every night.

--I am putting on music for them to fall asleep to.

--I am kissing all of them and pulling Gideon onto my lap even though he pretends to not like it (he does).

--I am packing them cold lunches.

--I am picking them up from school every day so that they don't have to ride the bus for an extra 45 minutes.

--I am even going to go to Sam's house on Thursdays after school to help Gid with his homework.

I AM THE MOM I ALWAYS DREAMED I COULD BE! At least until the next major stressor slams into my life, but outside of a life-threatening illness or loss of loved one, I'm pretty sure I've got control over most of the other possibilities. (Not planning a wedding anytime soon. Not conceiving a baby anytime soon. Not changing jobs. Not moving. Not even adding more than 6 credits of school per semester.)

I attribute this to my hard work, my parents giving me a flexible job, my boyfriend being a foundation of love and strength, Eden being potty trained and in preschool 5 days a week, making extra money with which to spruce up the house through AirBNB.com, keeping in close contact with my dearest friend Jenny whose stories of mothering help me to feel like "I can do that too!", and these beautiful beings who grace my home with their honesty and humor and, yes, still occasional pure animal behavior. (Oh yes, and having been on prescription vitamin D for a year, and having been divorced for awhile, and all those other things you've already read about on here.)

My dining room. We actually ate pizza here the other night. (We're still eating cereal otherwise, but I have hope for better nutriotional strides in the months to come.)