Thursday, September 8, 2011

Walker Percy

"Christ should leave us. He is too much with us and I don't like his friends. We have no hope of recovering Christ until Christ leaves us. There is after all something worse than being God-forsaken. It is when God overstays his welcome and takes up with the wrong people."

(I don't actually know if that is worse than being God-forsaken. Having that feeling of "Why have you forsaken me?" in response to sexual abuse or the death of a partner - that's pretty much the worst feeling imaginable.)

Christians are always saying in response to things like this "The church is a hospital for sinners so why are you surprised to experience so much dysfunction there?" but I think I said this awhile ago: many many forms of Christianity seem to make a lot of people worse. There is so much that is pure power trip. It's like the poppie field in the wizard of Oz which lulls people into thinking they are getting better and making God happy when in actuality they're getting thrown off course and are nowhere near the Emerald City of their true soul.

At the same time - along the line of the tribes - there are seasons in life when someone finds a home and a family in a religious group and that is very much what they need at that point. It's grey like everything.