Thursday, October 27, 2011

joy in the morning

Last night I was curled up in the corner chair in my bedroom, feasting on the sight of the roses Nate got me, dreaming of adding a rose essential oil to my collection of scents, wanting more roses in my life. I felt so much happiness looking at a picture I just put in that corner of me at 10 curled up in a chair reading The Secret Garden.

Today I walked to the coffee shop with a princess and a dragon. On the way they requested blueberry muffins, and the last two were waiting for us when we walked in.

I paused to savor this quote as we moved along to the park.

We meandered very slowly back up the hill. Ella's princess crown was hurting her head so I stuck it on my own. I was able to not rush and let them stop to exclaim over ivy leaves shaped like hearts, rainbow oil stains on the road shaped like moose, diamonds in a spiderweb. We turned an alley corner and discovered a profusion of white roses climbing like it was April. I moved to pick one for each girl - surely the owner wouldn't mind - but then felt graspy and guilty, like it would be stealing.

We slowed wayyyy down at the sound of a fountain. Normally you can't peek through the fence of this particular house because it's so contained by blooming life - a secret garden. I could see a bit of the fountain today, though. My lucky day! Sometime I'm going to have to get up the guts to ask the owner if we can go through the gate.

The girls and I stopped to smell one more pink rose near the front of the house. A man turned the corner. "That's the last rose of the season. Enjoy it."

"Is this your garden?"

"Yes. Come here."

He opened the gate and I told the girls this was a very special day. We exclaimed over the floating silver balls in the fountain, and moved along the trail imagining what it would look like in summer.

He picked the girls each a small pink rose from high up overhead. They thanked him shyly.

We continued towards home. Ella chattered, "This was the magic day! I wish Dad could see these!" I thought about the stories I tell them at night sometimes where they are princesses wearing silks and jewels, and everyone they love is there, including King Dad, and there are tasty foods like blueberry muffins we all eat together.


It was King Dad's laugh. We turned around and he was crossing the street on a walk. The girls got hugs and he smelled the roses. Miracles about us always.