Thursday, October 13, 2011

signs of love

I know. My brain is just wired to make associations more than the average person's. Or maybe going through a shit time primes your brain to more easily notice and make associations. Whatever it is - I don't mind it and I do feel love in it.

I keep seeing crowns. Usually a pattern of imagery has dropped off my radar by now (I started noticing them over a month ago) but it continues. After visiting my friend Carlen and feeling elated from having given her love and energy, I noticed I was staring at a side road called Crown Point. That's about one in 100 I have seen in the last 3-4 weeks, always at times when I'm thinking about something good.

In the middle of class at Belmont last week, the Professor quoted Frederick Buechner's mentor talking about "Christ always being crowned inside us." I thought, hmmmmmm...

The other things I keep seeing are license plates o' love. Nate and I were driving a couple weeks ago behind a van with the license plate of "B3TH3NY." I laughed as we passed them; they had a Hawaiian rainbow lei draped over their rear view mirror just like me. Then two weeks ago, "BUNCHEZ" while I was heading out to visit Nate; that's one of his primary nicknames for me. (Long form, Bunches of Love.) Then yesterday, while calling my friend Jenny for no reason, "SWEET B." She's the only person in my life who refers to me as B. It is so good to be named. Particularly by random license plates.

(Also in class last week, before this third license plate showed up, I mentioned loving a story of Buechner's in which he described being pulled over on the side of the road in intense anguish about his daughter's anorexia and being passed by a car with the license plate TRUST. The owner of the car eventually read Buechner's writing about the experience and found his house to give him the license plate; years later it is still his favorite icon of love in his study.)