Wednesday, October 26, 2011

week from satan

I know everybody loves a good "At least my life isn't that bad!" post. (My friend Maretta was having a bad day right when the NYT article came out and I said "Well, I just announced that I had to file bankruptcy in the biggest newspaper in the world" and she said "I know, and it makes me feel better.") So I will indulge y'all again.

Last week Nate's childhood dog Casey died so we cried together most of the night Wednesday. I was carless because mine is in the shop being fixed for some hail damage that occurred in June; I have been saving up to meet my $750 deductible and it's taken me this long to finally get it fixed. 4 minutes straight of 4 inch hail (the size of my palm) created $9011 worth of needed repairs.

Friday morning I am backing Nate's car down his driveway. CRUNCH. Bumper peels off. $1600 worth of damage. Yes, we both have insurance, but now we both have no car and turns out they are going to put this on his record because he is the car's owner. (NOT FAIR - and worst case scenario. I can still pay for it but it will make his premium go up and nothing makes you feel guiltier or like a worse driver than affecting someone else's financial life with your ineptness.)

Yesterday morning, I return the rental car I got over the weekend. "Come out here, m'am." There is a scratch on the lower right front (potentially caused by me but I don't remember hearing it happen and I was watching for it) and another one above the right wheel that looks old and weathered. They are foisting that one on me because I did not notice it when we did the walk-around before I drove off with the car.

Another $500. I started crying. 5 Enterprise rental employees got to see my snot.

The good news is, while walking all over downtown Nashville yesterday I crossed 4 bridges and at no point thought about jumping off of any of them. I love my life. And at the end of the day I came home to a handsome caring man holding these and he let me cry in his arms again.

Love is what life is about and for. Cars and money are just the purgatorial parts. (But you still might want to do what Nate and I have done, which is to add rental car & towing insurance to your policy, and drop your deductibles to $250 for collision. That means $15 less a month we each get to spend on margaritas to help us deal with this shit, but in the long run it will be worth it.)