Wednesday, December 14, 2011

sometimes I cry during pedicures

because I read things like this when I have just bought a beautiful red lace bra for myself from my mom and been texting my best friend about red toenails.

"'That's the best conversational opening I've ever heard. But I'm afraid it will only act between men. Can you picture a lady who has been introduced to another lady by a third lady opening civilities with "How do you do? Come and have a bath"? And yet you will tell me that the sexes are equal.'

'I tell you that they shall be,' said Mr. Emerson, who had been slowly descending the stairs. 'Good afternoon, Mr. Beebe. I tell you, they shall be comrades.'

'We are to raise ladies to our level?' the clergyman inquired.

'The Garden of Eden,' pursued Mr. Emerson, still descending, 'which you place in the past, is really yet to come. We shall enter it when we no longer despise our bodies.'" (E.M. Forster - Room With a View)