Friday, January 27, 2012

feeling clever

I became a (basic) vitamin person while needing to supplement four pregnancies and nursings. I've kept it up on and off to help compensate for my not-so-great stressed mom nutritional intakes. However, I am not good at remembering to take them every day, and I am also lazy and hate unscrewing the caps off of every lid every time. But I can't stand the thought of an old-person pill box.

Beauty and ease help me, so shiny cupcake tins and getting the see the gem-like gels make it a lot easier to grab them while I'm making myself lunch. They don't go bad because I go through a pour every week or so.

I also need help with feeling lonely and chubby, so I've been killing two birds with one stone by downloading the occasional Facebook photos of friends in love or with their kids to put up in my kitchen, uploading them to, and paying .25 per print - then walking the mile & back to my neighborhood Walgreens to pick them up. I get to buy something, see faces I love, and get exercise, all at once.

(Pictures like this.)