Monday, February 13, 2012


My rhythm of work seems to involve either a) incredible variety or b) intensive spurts of creation centering around one thing with NO variety. I've been like this since I was little (and got in trouble for not finishing things I started because I tend to go from one thing to another as they interest me - but now I know how to follow this around eventually back to something that needs finishing).

I never log on to my remote computer for accounting at exactly the same time every day. I tend to center around mornings but still - every single day of my life is ordered a little differently. I used to be down on myself about it; now I just go with it.

When it comes to play-work (as opposed to work-work) - which is most everything else I do - I seem to literally ride waves of creative juices until they crash on shore and I paddle out to find the next one. They seem to go in 3-6 week arcs. It will be KNITTING and then WRITING and then INTERIOR DECORATING (with little bits of the other things; this blog is obviously writing though I am in the thick of an interior decorating wave).

I love having the freedom to be able to do this. One of the hardest parts of having so many small kids consecutively was having this part of myself buried. Now I feel like the creative parts of me are gasping in big gulps of air - I'm finally (finally!) able to make curtains and dresses and paint countertops after years of frantically drawing out ideas in notebooks. This is a glorious season I find myself in. Take heart, any person out there with a child under 4.

p.s. I get so into whatever I'm doing that I forget to do things like shower - I walked into Walgreens wearing a red nightie under a red down coat today. "I will not apply lipstick until I can get to the end of making my house beautiful!" seems to be the unspoken perspective of my brain.