Tuesday, March 20, 2012

uncursing part two

You also uncurse by wrangling the thought patterns into the light and then journaling & practicing their opposite in your own mind. So to all my badmind thoughts below, I counteract with:

You don't have to be bored - there are lots of fun options in your evening.

You have enough money now, and you don't have to eat as if that isn't true.

You can be brave and call a friendand you're getting better and better at that.

You can be brave and face conflict and make it through a stronger person; you already havemany times.

Other women who would get jealous and attack you for being pretty are weird and you can trust yourself to quickly exit their forcefield.

Friends worth having will love you both when you're at your chubbiest and at your most healthy.

Keep being yourself and if people think you're hitting on them or their partners because you are a pretty & nice Midwesternerthat is their confusion/delusion/fear at work. You are a good person and you know it.

You can be trusted. You are a great mom. You also do a great job managing the pain that everyone has to deal with at one time or another in life.

It's funny, reading over this I hear the voices of a few different people I love speaking these words to me, like my mom, boyfriend, sister, and friends.