Wednesday, August 22, 2012

a great quote for political season

A continuation of what Nate was pondering, and it applies to any side you may be on. 

"If there is any hope for your mind to grant you grace to recast yourself as a free person, you need to make every effort to control your hatred toward others. You may not consider yourself a hateful person, but consider whether you burn with rage when people slurp their soup, pick their nose, abort their unborn, marry a gay person, and so on. You may believe with very good reason that they deserve the mental poison darts you throw at them, but a vicious mind is always rooted in a vicious heart. How hateful you are towards others will determine how hateful your mind will be to you in equal dosage."  - Chin-ning Chu

Also, how hateful your mind is towards yourself is how hateful you are tempted to be to others. It's an inheritance we all share in, that negative voice inside, what Anne Lamott calls Radio KFKD.

"You don't have to become the victim of your own self-criticisms. You are bigger than all of your unfortunate circumstances. Be good to yourself; be sweet to yourself. Don't build a case against yourself. Perfection is living and thriving within you, as you." (more Chin-ning)

"Building a case against yourself" is what a belief in total depravity or utter sinfulness leads to. That is the part of religion I will never adopt again. Yes, definitely, there is "sin nature" or "animal nature," but the center of us is a part of God. "Whatever perfection God has, you have. The more you recognize this truth and hold yourself to be perfect, the more you will manifest your perfection."

(Another way of saying that is, you are loved completely and can receive it completely, and then loving others isn't so hard. I used to love others partly because I was supposed to, to make up for the messages I had picked up about my shittiness. Part of me genuinely hated myself and thought that that's what God wanted. The diamond that came from the suffering in my 20s is not functioning this way anymore.)