Thursday, October 11, 2012

dense and apparent

So it is not hard to understand
where God's body is, it is
everywhere and everything; shore and the vast
fields of water, the accidental and the intended
over here, over there. And I bow down
participate and attentive

it is so dense and apparent. And all the same I am still

I would be good - oh, I would be upright and good.
To what purpose? 
Hope of heaven? Not that. But to enter
the other kingdom: grace, and imagination,

and the multiple sympathies: to be as a leaf, a rose,
a dolphin, a wave rising... I want

to be worthy of - what? Glory? Yes, unimaginable glory.

O Lord of melons, of mercy, though I am
not ready, nor worthy, I am climbing toward you.

- Mary Oliver