Tuesday, October 30, 2012

here is my book

My first review: "I have long been turned off by essential oils because the claims made about them seem to have little science behind them. I'm slowly becoming more interested and I found this book to be a great resource. I like that the author provides her sources and I ordered some of the other books that she recommends. I highly recommend it for beginners."

The hard copy is here: https://www.createspace.com/4028564 and you can get it on Kindle for half-price. An alternate title could have been How and Why Essential Oils Work and Which Ones You Want. In a nutshell, they work because plants produce more than 4,000 chemical varieties to protect themselves from viruses, bacteria, fungi, and to help themselves pollinate. Luckily for us, our bodies love those chemicals and can use them for the same purposes (pharmaceutical companies use them to create the medicine we rely on). My mom kicked 20-year-strong annual ragweed allergies this year with green myrtle & niaouli essential oils. My kids and I are sleeping better thanks to roman chamomile and lemon. My emotions are deepening from helichrysum, and I've now got a plan if any of my loved ones have to deal with MRSA or staph infection during a hospital stay. Basil has been hugely helpful for my anxiety.

You have to buy oils from reputable sources, though, and I go into that in the book. (Most of them will not give you potent results, including Young Living and Aura Cacia - so if you've got any kicking around your house, use them for air freshening.) The best company is Veriditas Botanicals, which has a number of great blends for common ailments: http://www.veriditasbotanicals.com/wellness.html

Tea tree and lavender remain your best all-encompassing top hitters, if you want two to start with. Putting two drops of each on your wrists or feet every morning will get you through the cold & flu season with much, much higher immune resistance and much, much shorter illness periods (if you get sick, which I guarantee will happen with less frequency if you use eos daily, up the dosing to 3-4x a day until the symptoms are gone - it usually takes me 48 hours to kick something that family members suffer 2-3 weeks from). Lavender also takes your parasympathetic nervous system out of fight-or-flight, so it's great for making your day a lot calmer.