Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I love this

Somehow I came across this review of a book about corruption in the papacy (surprise!), and I loved it so much I want to repost what the fellow wrote. I completely relate, with all the churches I've ever been a part of.
"I honor the Catholic Church today - from a distance. I keep the mystical force of its music close to me. I keep the force of its mystics close to me. Jesus said it best, 'Forgive them Lord, they know not what they do.' But sometimes that forgiveness - perhaps always - must come in the form of justice. I truly believe I never would have come to this realization as a practicing Catholic. I would have been too blind, too 'dumbed-down,' too full of gossip and a desire to present one life to the world while living another one.

The narrow and close-minded will continue to attack Matthew Fox just as the church elders and leaders attacked Christ and eventually crucified him. What else is new? They are frightened. They have no inner connectivity to the very wisdom and compassion, curiosity and creativity that must be in place to actually travel a path to God or whatever an individual's personal understanding of God is. The Catholic Church is addicted to power and thus, is in bed far more with the powerful than the poor. Is anybody surprised by this? Reading the negative reviews of his work on this site is a healthy way to study the disease of the human mind and heart. But take them seriously too. They are important.

Thank you Matthew Fox for being a catalyst for my own spiritual growth and for standing beside me as I continue to make my own mistakes, learn from them, aspire to an inner state of calm, peace and joy. I had to leave the institutions of the Catholic Church as well as the paradigm and holy spirit of the Christianity itself as it is institutionalized in this world - I had to leave - in order to get closer to its core teachings, its core that I might internalize it - via meditation, contemplation and the recognition that if not for the works of Matthew Fox, Meister well as current pith path I am on as a Vajrayana Buddhist. I fall far short of internalizing or living the kind of just life I aspire to. I am still in the process of seeing just how unjust and blinded by fascist obedience I can be in my own path. I am still learning and I will never give up. I stand in horror of those who claim to 'be there' and who spew their venom and confusion on the world. These are the dark ages.

Look to your own heart and mind and then look out upon the world and ask yourself where you desire to tread. As the Buddha said - don't take my word for it - test these various visions, views, paths, rules, regulations, rationales of the many religious paths for yourself. Follow the one that resonates, that uplifts you, that literally gives you the sensation of expanding out and into the world in a circular, flowing like water, all encompassing way...and yet, one that brings you into direct, valid, conscious contact with the God of your understanding - NOT the one you are told to believe in OR ELSE."